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Look dude, I get it. You are trying to impress upon me the point that not all of humanity sucks and that I shouldn’t be so negative.

Dude. Back off.

I understand that there are people out there who have lives a lot worse than mine. I’m not oblivious to all the news in the world. But seriously. Knowing that there are children without clean water in the world isn’t going to make all of my problems disappear. Problems don’t go *poof* when you discover someone else has a sucky life.

Yay for me. Loving parents. An older brother. A middle class lifestyle.

There are things I have seen, things that have happened to me, thoughts I’ve had that I don’t have the guts to face myself let alone with others. My parents are not privy to a lot of things about me they don’t know they had ever needed to worry about.

Stop treating me like I’m five. Don’t talk to me like I’m ignorant. I understand perfectly. It’s you who knows nothing about me.


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Five sections left to write, three sections left to finish, then I edit the whole thing and then I can finally get this freaking KG/Hachi thing posted and off my conscience.

I should have given up long ago. I’m already at 11159 words and it’s only going to get longer someone please kill me now



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  • Used

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My birthday is July 31 bitches.

first try mothafucka

I’m not a person for picking orthodox colors. It’s a very lovely shade of red though. That should be a crayola color in the future. Ah, understandable. Well, at least no one will ever see ID pics in the yearbook anyway.

Yeah, like that wouldn’t traumatize small children. ‘Hey mommy, my crayon is blood plasma color. What’s that mean?’ Good plan, good plan. And no one will see ID pictures this year, so there really is no point. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

How come my tumblr doesn’t let me reply to your reply? Just ordered the book on B&N~ So more like a blood plasma red. Thanks~ Is it possible to get a straight perm? I’m getting a trim after ID pics. My ends are so dead.

I got mine trimmed right before pictures, but I’m trying to grow my hair out so there are still some left. Blood plasma red, gee, what a wonderful picture you painted there. Thanks for that. I’m going to go be disturbed by my hair color now.

I believe straight perms are possible, but just like perms, they’re killer on hair. My hair is already dry and frizzy, because of coloring it and straightening it, so if I got it straight-permed I would probably have to cut most of it off after a few months when the perm wore off, because of the damage.

omg, that’s going to be so cool! Like a scarlet color? You have such pretty straightened hair. I kind of curled mine. The curls died when I got into the room though.

Not quite scarlet, but not firetruck red either. It’s funny, the tag for the color is RR red, so we’ve been calling it the pirate red. It’s the same one I’ve been using for a while, but I doubt that you’ll remember it. And it’s just highlights, so not my entire head.

Your hair looks good with curls in it. Mine not so much, but that’s because they’re natural and uneven as anything. I like my hair straight, it’s just such a pain to straighten. I don’t know. It was straight for my ninth grade ID, but it was curly for tenth and eleventh. We’ll see about this year. And the room I did mine is was creepy, I don’t know about you. But it was weird.

I thought about getting a hair cut but that’s a guarantee to look awkward. Thanks Jenn~ Ooh blue hair? Like whole head?

No, it will just be like when I got the dark blue done, on the underside. Although the person who does my hair has a new color, so this time it may actually look blue instead of black. It’s going to be indigo. I have red on the top half, so I’ll be multi-colored :B

I straightened my hair for my pictures, but I probably won’t for the regular ID. It takes waaaaay to long and I don’t really care enough to wake up an extra hour early.

Those all have filters and such. And I work better when I can take a million shots and pick one that looks good. I’ll see it in the yearbook. Aiming for a good id picture this year.

ID picture? Good god, thanks for reminding me about that one. Hopefully I’ll have my blue hair by then. But I’ve given up on ever looking good in a school picture. Yours will turn out amazing though, probably.

My aunt was so excited about it too. I want to see yours though. I’m just an unphotogenic person. Aww, thanks! My smile’s awkwardish. My hair was weird that day.

No, you really don’t want to see mine. They’re god-awful. As in horrid. How are you unphotogenic? All of the pictures you have on facebook look good. Better than mine, but that’s not really saying anything. Weird hair… You just have so many complaints, don’t you :P They honestly cannot be that bad