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Five sections left to write, three sections left to finish, then I edit the whole thing and then I can finally get this freaking KG/Hachi thing posted and off my conscience.

I should have given up long ago. I’m already at 11159 words and it’s only going to get longer someone please kill me now

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I have something to say to all of you. A personalized message, no copy+paste shit. No matter how many notes this gets, i will send everyone a message.


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My birthday is July 31 bitches.

first try mothafucka

I’m not a person for picking orthodox colors. It’s a very lovely shade of red though. That should be a crayola color in the future. Ah, understandable. Well, at least no one will ever see ID pics in the yearbook anyway.

Yeah, like that wouldn’t traumatize small children. ‘Hey mommy, my crayon is blood plasma color. What’s that mean?’ Good plan, good plan. And no one will see ID pictures this year, so there really is no point. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

How come my tumblr doesn’t let me reply to your reply? Just ordered the book on B&N~ So more like a blood plasma red. Thanks~ Is it possible to get a straight perm? I’m getting a trim after ID pics. My ends are so dead.

I got mine trimmed right before pictures, but I’m trying to grow my hair out so there are still some left. Blood plasma red, gee, what a wonderful picture you painted there. Thanks for that. I’m going to go be disturbed by my hair color now.

I believe straight perms are possible, but just like perms, they’re killer on hair. My hair is already dry and frizzy, because of coloring it and straightening it, so if I got it straight-permed I would probably have to cut most of it off after a few months when the perm wore off, because of the damage.

omg, that’s going to be so cool! Like a scarlet color? You have such pretty straightened hair. I kind of curled mine. The curls died when I got into the room though.

Not quite scarlet, but not firetruck red either. It’s funny, the tag for the color is RR red, so we’ve been calling it the pirate red. It’s the same one I’ve been using for a while, but I doubt that you’ll remember it. And it’s just highlights, so not my entire head.

Your hair looks good with curls in it. Mine not so much, but that’s because they’re natural and uneven as anything. I like my hair straight, it’s just such a pain to straighten. I don’t know. It was straight for my ninth grade ID, but it was curly for tenth and eleventh. We’ll see about this year. And the room I did mine is was creepy, I don’t know about you. But it was weird.

I thought about getting a hair cut but that’s a guarantee to look awkward. Thanks Jenn~ Ooh blue hair? Like whole head?

No, it will just be like when I got the dark blue done, on the underside. Although the person who does my hair has a new color, so this time it may actually look blue instead of black. It’s going to be indigo. I have red on the top half, so I’ll be multi-colored :B

I straightened my hair for my pictures, but I probably won’t for the regular ID. It takes waaaaay to long and I don’t really care enough to wake up an extra hour early.

Those all have filters and such. And I work better when I can take a million shots and pick one that looks good. I’ll see it in the yearbook. Aiming for a good id picture this year.

ID picture? Good god, thanks for reminding me about that one. Hopefully I’ll have my blue hair by then. But I’ve given up on ever looking good in a school picture. Yours will turn out amazing though, probably.

My aunt was so excited about it too. I want to see yours though. I’m just an unphotogenic person. Aww, thanks! My smile’s awkwardish. My hair was weird that day.

No, you really don’t want to see mine. They’re god-awful. As in horrid. How are you unphotogenic? All of the pictures you have on facebook look good. Better than mine, but that’s not really saying anything. Weird hair… You just have so many complaints, don’t you :P They honestly cannot be that bad

I kind of wanted to burn mine too since there was only one shot that turned out good. I still need to order them. Oh my life.

Okay, so at least I’m not the only one. My actual pictures came, as in the whole ordered package. My mom was pretty much frolicking around the house, she was so excited. She kept shoving them in my face like “Jenn look how pretty!!!!” No mom, not pretty.

How can yours be bad? You probably take great in pictures. And at least you can smile. I look like a deranged seal when I try and smile.

My senior portraits came in the mail today. I kind of want to burn them.

Is that a normal reaction?

I hate people

Excuse me random ass lady in Applebees, what gives you the right to interrupt my private conversation with my parents to bitch at me about your narrow minded views?

I have known for the past six or seven years that I don’t want to have kids. You ranting at me will not change my mind. And so what if I think adopting is a better idea? Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and can’t do with my life? And what if I would rather adopt instead of giving birth? What’s so wrong with adopting children? Why would I want to bring another life into this world and make them happy, when I could change the life of someone who is already here? Why is it such a worthless goal to want to spend my life making people happy? And who are you to decide that all kids put up for adoption ‘deserve it’. Like, what the actual fuck? How do you know that every child that gets abandoned by their parents deserve to be left like that? How can you even say that? What does a newborn child do that is so horrible that they deserve to be abandoned? You don’t know shit about half these kids, or these families, and you have no right to judge them on any grounds. Just because you grew up in a perfect little family does not mean that every family was perfect. People are all different for a reason. I know plenty of kids who are adopted. Most of them are victims of bad parenting or shitty luck. Some of them just got screwed over by life. How can you judge them?

And yes, I do have friends from the internet. And yes, most of my friends I met over the internet. So don’t even start with me on the whole “everyone on the internet is a 50 year old man waiting to molest you” bullshit. I’ve met these people. I’ve laughed with these people. I’ve cried with these people. I’ve loved some of them. So don’t even tell me that they aren’t real friendships, that the feelings aren’t really . Don’t tell me that it’s all fake and they aren’t who they say they are. I know for a fact that there are gorgeous people on the internet. And I’m damn lucky that I get to know some of them.

So what if I support gay marriage? Being gay has nothing to do with who you are as a person. I know plenty of people who are gay or bi. And they are all wonderful human beings. Why do you feel the need to judge people on who they are? Being gay is not some fucking condition that you can magically cure someone of. It’s part of who you are. Just like if you have brown eyes or blue eyes. Its not something that can be fucking fixed.

Yes, I believe in interracial marriage. Yes, I believe it’s okay for people to have different religious views. Yes, I think it’s okay to be atheist. Yes, I think that children should be adopted and that gay marriage should be allowed. Yeah, I want to travel and live abroad. Because this country is so fucking narrow minded. Yes, I think that Korean culture is amazing, and that China is beautiful. Yeah, I watch anime, read manga, and am teaching myself Korean. Yeah, I listen to Kpop and spend all my time studying other cultures. Because apparently you never got the memo that there’s a whole rest of the fucking world past our country’s boarders. And it’s an amazing place. No I don’t give a flying fuck that North Korea is right next to South Korea. They’re two fucking different countries. And no, not all Asians are the same. That’s like saying Mexico and Spain are the same because they speak the same language. Every culture is different, and you need to learn to respect that.

It’s because of people like you that I spend all my time on tumblr telling people how much they mean to me. How inspiring they are to me. Because narrow minded assholes like you enjoy beating these poor people into the ground when they’re already on their knees. Since when has mocking people been a sport? Since when has bullying been something fun? Why is it that you take pleasure in tearing people down? What kind of human are you that you think it’s okay to trash people on the way they live, just because you think differently? We all have our opinions, and if you don’t agree with mine, then shut up and bug someone else.

I hate it when people to drugs or self harm, but I’m not stupid enough to ignore where they come from. Take my brother. I hate the fact that he’s high pretty much all the time. But I know what he’s been through, because I’ve been through the exact same thing. And if I didn’t know the people who support me now, I probably would have turned to drugs too. You can’t judge someone based on appearance. You need to know their life story. You need to fucking understand their life before you criticize them.

You, lady, are the epitome of things I hate about the human race. You need to rethink your life and stay the fuck out of other people’s business. There are so many amazing people out there who have been screwed over by fate. You don’t know them, their lives, or their stories. So kindly back the fuck up and annoy someone else.

I hope you choke on your salad you prissy ass bitch.
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